The Pancreas Cake

IMG_5933Last year during the week of Thanksgiving, Rebecca was struggling each moment to survive a massive hemorrhagic GI bleed after her transplant.

This year we had a ‘Transplant Survival Celebration’ and honored Rebecca’s doctors and medical team while thanking God.


We even had a pancreas-shaped cake to commemorate the event JUST BECAUSE Rebecca wanted it.


Everything was Rebecca’s favorite color – green.  The girls wore green dresses, the boys green bow-ties.  We had a green colored cake with green table cloths and green entry lights.  Exquisite green succulent plants adorned the tables and cake, along with green roses – whoever heard of green roses?


IMG950715 IMG_0366 IMG952361 IMG953971

My very favorite moment though, was watching Rebecca present her three main doctors with ‘pancreas’ medals of honor.

She was simply ecstatic.

These men were her heroes.

They were all of our heroes.

And there was a heightened level of surreality as we celebrated our Creator and the men He created to save this child we had pleaded for so fervently.

Layer upon layer of God’s designated plan.

The sacrifices these doctors made in order to keep our Rebecca alive is incalculable. They remind me of the sacrifice our Lord made in order to save each and every one of us.

The night ended with Rebecca joyful. Alexander was joyful.  Nicholas was joyful.  Brian was joyful.  And I was as joyous as I have ever been in my entire 39 year life.

IMG953692Serious Unexpected Miraculous Joy.

During a party with a pancreas-shaped cake.

Thank you Lord.

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