The Magician


Rebecca was having a good afternoon so I wheeled her to the library for an early Christmas celebration with the patients and staff at the hospital. There were balloons and streamers, musicians and face-painters, and even famous professional athletes – it was quite the party. But the most popular attraction by far was the Magician. He came in with his bag of tricks and wooed and awed the crowds of wonder-filled children.

At the end of one particular trick, a small elementary age girl, missing every strand of hair on her beautifully smooth head, sat up straight in her wheelchair and said to the magician, “Wow, you can do REAL magic!”

Living in a hospital, you begin to recognize the look of impending death. Where, outside of a miracle, the end is close at hand. This child wore that doomed look as if it was draped across her frail body. And everyone in the room knew the meaning behind this helpless girl’s hope-filled words, ‘If you can do magic, then surely you can make me well?’

The magician stopped his act and bent over so that his face of perfect health was juxtaposed against her feeble and ailing profile. And with tears in his eyes the magician answered her unsaid question, “I can only do magic tricks, if I could do real magic, there would be no need for this hospital.”

The magician had no desire to pretend to be something he was not. He knew the limits of his talent although he fervently wished, if only for a moment, that his abilities extended to the miraculous.

The little girl looked at her almost-hero, gave a knowing nod, and wrapped her arms around his neck. She accepted his limitations with a show of love. She alleviated his hurting heart.

I stood in the corner of the library watching this interaction and wept.

Oh to react with such dignified beauty when you realize your dream is forever crushed.

To reach beyond your disappointment and comfort another.

To love in the center of your tragedy.

These children, in the process of dying, teach me how to live.

They will forever be my unexpected miracles.

4 thoughts on “The Magician

  1. Christyn, You and Rebecca continue to encourage and set such wonderful examples for me. I participated in the OHC Wednesday night Women of Victory classes while I was in Texas and chatted with you a couple of times, aside from listening to your inspirational messages during these classes. I have since moved back to Virginia and miss OHC and their classes terribly, but I love reading your posts/emails and want you to know that you truly touched my life. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and your faith. Linda Hoffman



  2. As we have shared Rebecca’s journey through our prayers, I love the reminder of the purity of heart that touches all of us through these children whose faith is immense in spite of the circumstances of their lives on earth — precious miracles each one.


  3. If we all took a moment to believe in the miracle of life and treasure all that surrounds us, I believe we would have a better world. Christyn, your stories and reflections always leave a lasting impression on me. You truly are special and no doubt, have inspired a very special daughter.


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