Between the Storms


Before the pain returned and before the third IV blew out last night – I was in full celebration mode.

I danced around the room and sang and shouted at the top of my lungs while jumping for joy.

I praised the Lord over and over for this temporary but exquisite relief.

My daughter called the nurse station to inform them her mother had officially gone crazy.

Luckily for me, the nurse told her she already knew that little tidbit.

So at midnight, when the block wore off and we were digging through curved veins without access to Rebecca’s beloved narcotics, this set-back became a tad more tolerable. A tad more bearable.

Life is hard. Sometimes quite insufferable.

But occasionally when we are delivered from our affliction, we are gifted with the evanescent warmth of a sun peeking through the ominous storm clouds.

And when we bask in that fleeting sunshine, we are able to absorb the nutrients we require to carry us through our next storm.

It feeds our body. It nourishes our soul.

So I will rejoice in the light as long as it is shining, and I will give thanks for the unexpected miracle of this reprieve to sustain us for our future hardships.

Thank you Lord.

Love to each and every one of you,
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