The Leprechaun Wonder Woman


My family decided to throw me a surprise Wonder Woman party for my 40th birthday.

It makes sense because growing up, everyone said I looked like Lynda Carter in Wonder Woman.

For any of you not crying from laughter, no one EVER said I looked like Lynda Carter, much less insinuated it, much less thought it.

None-the-less, my family surprised me with the theme of my husband’s favorite super-hero – Wonder Woman.


My sister Jenny is a party-thrower extraordinaire. She flew in from her home in California and due to our in-and-out hospital status, she was forced to changed plans about a dozen times and yet somehow, everything flowed as if she had months of preparation. The restaurant had name-printed banners and balloons with my favorite appetizers waiting on the table. Wonder Woman paraphernalia decorated the buffet in the form of homemade cookies, a fantastic multi-layered cake, and a custom-ordered outfit. The room was fantastic and fun-filled….


And I was unsuspecting.

I waltzed in the room decked out in a St. Patrick’s Day get-up. Because, it was St. Patrick’s Day.

My daughter chose everything I wore from top to bottom including an explosion of all shades of green topped off with a fluffy tutu.

Yes, I am a 40-year-old woman who wore a fluffy tutu. You don’t argue with a teenager. Especially a teenager on narcotics.

Upon arriving to this surprise party, I was layered with Wonder Woman’s red-white-and-blue cape, arm cuffs, and a star-emblazoned headband.

I always envisioned sauntering into my milestone birthday party wearing an elegant little black dress with an age-defying presence shouting to the world – ‘Take that 40!’


Instead, I resembled a wanna-be Leprechaun with serious patriotic-confusion issues.

No one would mistake me for elegance, much less a super hero. In fact, many might question my sanity.

Regardless of my dubious attire, we partied like it was 1999, only maybe a little different because the kids outnumbered the adults, my drink of choice was unsweetened ice tea, and we left the restaurant by 9:00 p.m. because we were EXHAUSTED…..

Did I mention I was 40??!!

But I was 40 and celebrating outside of hospital walls.

I was 40 and surrounded by family who loved me.

I was 40 with my three children ALL TOGETHER who could not stop smiling at their ghetto, Leprechaun inspired-super-hero Mother.

I was 40 and joy-filled.

I was 40 and I was THANKFUL..

From underneath my star-emblazoned headband, I looked at a room filled with family who pray fervently for our ‘five’ to enjoy moments JUST. LIKE. THIS.

And it was in that very moment this 40th-Wonder Woman style birthday party became miraculous.

Unexpectedly so.

Thank you Lord.

“God thunders with His voice wondrously, doing great things which we cannot comprehend,” Job 37:5.

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