Christyn & Brian at Oak Hills Church First Wednesday Service


Christyn and Brian spoke at the Oak Hills Church First Wednesday Service last night on the topic of Unexpected Miracles. It was an amazing night of worship and powerful testimony.

Unfortunately, the Live-stream of the event didn’t work out, but we were able to get audio (see below).

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7 thoughts on “Christyn & Brian at Oak Hills Church First Wednesday Service

    1. Hi Blanca, for now this was just a one time event, however Christyn does teach a Wednesday night Bible Study. Bible study audio is posted on this site. Please see the other tabs titled Scandalous Love and Beauty from Ashes.


    2. Hello friend! I am teacher my every Wednesday until November 2 so you can come to any or all of my classes. I would love seeing you!


  1. I loved every minute of this. As my husband and I have journeyed through his illness, we too have experienced many of the same gifts from God!!! I cried through the whole talk as I praised Him for His presence with you all . I have prayed daily for your sweet miracle girl and will continue to do so! Love you all, Marilyn Canady

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  2. Absolutely amazing. May God continue to bless your family through this journey. You are an amazing testimony to His love and grace.


  3. Thank you for sharing your journey . I have been in the angry with God phase for far too long . My youngest son has a seizure disorder , Autism and many medical issues. Your testimony woke me up. Thank you . May God bless you and your family .


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