20 Years

My husband and I are complete opposites. A lot of people will claim that title but, in our case, it is completely true. From personality traits to politics, and everything in between – we see the world in vastly different shades of color. When I see magenta, Brian sees canary yellow. My husband’s chocolate brown is my fire orange.

Shortly following our marriage, after numerous not-so-subtle suggestions from well-intended family and friends, Brian and I decided to ‘shore-up’ our union by going to a marriage counselor. Make that ‘multiple’ marriage counselors. The first few counselors had us take a compatibility test. When the results were read, one counselor proceeded in informing us that in all his decades of counseling, he had never seen a married couple with such polar-opposite scoring. Another informed us that, had we taken this test before we were married, his recommendation would have been to reconsider making a matrimonial bond.

Brilliant advice…most especially AFTER we said, “I do”.


Maybe seeing a marriage counselor was not exactly the wise move we had hoped for??

Because our counselors had no helpful suggestions on how to proceed with this sure-to-be doomed union and I was tired of their slow shaking of the head while asking, “How, exactly, did you two end up together?”, Brian and I set upon our own course – for better or for worse.

Today we celebrate 20 years of marriage.

Christyn and Brian 20 yrs

I offer no wise words of advice on how we got here. There were too many moments I dare not profess, in which I never thought we would make it another day together…much less another year…and far less 20 years.

All I can truthfully claim is, I have never stopped loving the man who told me he was in love with me before our very first date. The man who fathers and adores our three children. The man who fiercely protects and supports our family with every breath in his lungs. And the man who has stood by my side through better and most especially, through worse.

Thank you Lord for the unexpected miracle of 20 years.

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6 thoughts on “20 Years

  1. How beautiful! A testimony to God’s grace and love to help us and change us for the better.

    Dr. B. Don Russell
    Distinguished Professor
    Texas A&M University
    979-845-7912 (office)
    979-229-8963 (Cell)
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  2. I recognize that I have difficulty being objective since I am a huge fan of yours (and Brian’s!), but that is simply one of your best posts ever! Congrats on a wonderful milestone!

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