PancreasFest Part 1

PancreasFest took place July 25-27 in Pittsburgh.

July 26

PancreasFest is living up to its full FESTive potential. Rebecca was exhausted after traveling so she abandoned me after a couple of minutes to face the opening reception alone. Too bad I hate talking (that was a joke). I ended up being the last person to leave for the evening after speaking with many innovative doctors with a goal to help pediatric pancreatitis. Today will be a full day with poster/paper presentations.

I wanted to share Rebecca’s remarkable ‘creed’ for why she wanted to start Rebecca’s Wish:

Rebecca at Gala

I know what it’s like to be in pain and without hope, and I’m not the only one. If I could take that feeling away from every person in the world, I would. While I don’t have that power, I can help change one life at a time through Rebecca’s Wish. With love and support, suffering children can finally be given a chance at a normal life, one without the hopelessness that pediatric pancreatitis entails. For the first time, some of these children will have someone to relate to, and confidence for the future. Something like that is worth pursuing, and together we can end pancreatitis.

Rebecca Taylor

Christyn signature

4 thoughts on “PancreasFest Part 1

  1. Rebecca, you are an amazing young lady. You have shown such courage, faith, and compassion for others throughout your many health challenges. Even though you are young in years, you are ancient in spiritual maturity. I so admire you and wish I had just a small fraction of your godly character.
    It is a privilege to pray for you and see how you are using your life and trials for ministry and God’s glory.
    Blessings to you,
    Lannie Whatley


    1. Thank you for your kind words. They lift our spirit through this process. Your prayers mean more than you will ever know.


  2. She is a child of God’s but a child beautifully created with a heart full of compassion, love and filled with the Holy Spirit. What a beautiful work of art two parents have accomplished.


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