Scary Night

To those who are loving and praying for Rebecca…Today’s update was actually written by Brian to the family last evening and Christyn forwarded it to me. I am sharing it unedited just as Brian shared it. Christyn and Rebecca’s day yesterday was TOO WILD for Christyn to try to update anyone but her husband.

“First and foremost, R is ok now. Needed to say that before you read the rest.

Waited all day to do CT scan to check a potential fistula they think R might have and right before transport came to get her, she stood up to go to the bathroom and the catheter in her femoral artery came out and she started hemorrhaging. She called for C who immediately screamed for help while applying pressure to stop bleeding. 10+ docs and nurses ended up helping for 60+ minutes helping to stabilize and pull catheter. R is still struggling to control bleeding hours later and teams are coming in continually changing dressings the last few hours but the bleeding is less and less.

If that had happened in her sleep, we would have had a much different ending. Thanking God she dodged yet another bullet. Thankful beyond words for C and med team’s help. I was working at home with boys and didn’t even know this was happening since C couldn’t exactly stop to call me.

We cancelled tomorrow’s third plasmapheresis since her body has just been through too much right now. Postponed CT until after bleeding stops tomorrow (she has to be perfectly still right now with constant pressure on her site). We will read CT to see what we need to do there.

Girls are INCREDIBLY exhausted physically and emotionally. We’ve got to somehow find a way to get R stable, free from infection, and somewhat out of pain so we can hopefully go a few days without another serious complication. Please pray for rest and peace.”

“Dear Father…we DO PRAY FOR REST AND PEACE OVER THE WHOLE TAYLOR FAMILY. We are concerned for how long this has gone on…we are concerned for Rebecca and the repeated physical trauma she continues to endure…we are concerned for Christyn who has endured day after day after day after night after night of a continued emotional roller coaster ride that does not stop…we are concerned for Brian and the boys who live daily life without the presence of a wife/mother or sister….we are concerned about this family who continues to face SUCH ADVERSITY….we lift them to You, Father. You are THE ANSWER…You know Your Ways and Your Plans…have Your Way Father…bring them Your Peace that passes all understanding in these times of great hardship…please bring Rebecca to a calmer more stable state…soon”

In the Mighty Name of Jesus we offer our prayers…

-Carol Nelson

Homecoming from the Hospital – last October

10 thoughts on “Scary Night

  1. Praying for the presence of Jesus to flood their hospital room for the fragrance of the holy spirit to cover them will healing and peace. Heaven come down 🙏🙏

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  2. Praying for this miracle again. She is on my prayer wall and I will pause and cry out to God again. Thanks for the reminder to pray for the family. God IS with you.

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  3. Praying for Grace to endure what seems humanly impossible to endure, leaning on Our God who specializes in the impossible. Our hearts ache for each of you, precious Taylor family. Makes Job’s 9 month ordeal sound like a picnic! Love y’all so much and you too Carol for your beautiful powerful prayers that I weep through every time!🙏🏽🙏🏼💖

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  4. Thank you for sharing this scary experience with us. I can’t imagine the terror that was present in that room. Thank the Lord it was caught and is on the mend. I will continue to pray for Rebecca, Charity, and Brian. I also pray that the grace and peace of the Lord pour over them n

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  5. The thought has come to me that Rebecca will take on the mantel of Joni Erickson Tada who has made it through incredible things, yet serves the Lord so effectively !
    God bless Rebecca ! I just feel she is going to pull out of this !!!

    Brenda Strate
    “Seek the Lord while He may be found, Call upon Him while He is near.” Isaiah 55:6

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  6. Thank you Jesus for bringing Rebecca out of yet another medical crisis!🙏♥️
    We ask you for calming peace and unrelenting 🎉 Joy and HOPE.📖
    Thank you for swift action of Rebecca, Christyn and the medical staff!
    We pray for the Taylor Family’s Angels!
    That they continue working & interceding on the family’s behalf!
    We ask these things and give thanks in advance!
    Praying without ceasing…
    Sending so much Love!

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  7. Our gracious and merciful Father in Heaven, my prayers continue for the Taylor family. For the endless issues that continue. Pls Father bring healing to the weary and worn out Taylor family, for the healing that is so long overdue. In the Mighty name of Iur Blessed Savior JESUS CHRIST Amen

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  8. Dearest Lord< I beg of you an answer to the ravage put on Rebecas’ body. Only you can guide the doctors, help them put an end to this stress and help Rebecca move on with her life. We ask your name, Amen

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