Another Day, Another Infection

Another day, another infection. And yet, we are still standing. Well actually, Rebecca is laying down, not standing, but standing just sounds so much better….

Rebecca now has an E. coli and a rare strain of Klebsiella we are aggressively treating with a super antibiotic.

One day we take a few steps forward and the next a giant leap back. One day 3 steps forward and the next we stabilize. Back and forth, back and forth, with the hope our forward steps eventually outweigh the back.

Oh, and did I mention tomorrow happens to be my precious Nicholas’ birthday we will miss once again??

Rebecca’s body settled after the femoral artery hemorrhage that took us a good day to get under control due to Rebecca’s blood thinner shots and aspirin. We started the weekend with a wound infection and ended with two more bacterial infections. Rebecca’s new infections are believed to be caused by a fistula in her pelvic cavity leaking fluid through organs that should be sealed. Where the leak/tear is coming from – we are not sure? We just know Rebecca is leaking copious amounts of fluid.

Tomorrow Rebecca will go under anesthesia again for the doctors to try and discover the source of her fistula/tear/leak. Her CT scan only revealed excess fluid in her pelvic cavity but not a specific cause.

And did I happen to mention tomorrow is also my precious Nicholas’ 16th birthday??

One of my favorite doctors came to talk to me regarding Rebecca’s status – we discussed the scary femoral hemorrhage, her 2 new infections and now the potential fistula – I was exhausted just giving her the weekend update. She asked me if I felt like the story of the Dutch boy at the dam who put his finger in the spouting hole. But in our case, once that leak was solved another would erupt, and then another, and another and another. Every available finger and toe plugging the constant newly formed leaks.

My doctor is brilliant. Not only for her medical skills but her story-telling analogies as well. Because –


Rebecca’s body is the broken dam and I am the little boy running from problem to problem trying to seal all of the newly formed potential catastrophes as fast and furiously as they are erupting.

But I cannot to keep up. The leaks keep flowing and my head is barely above the rising waters.

Good thing I have a God whose fingers and toes are far more capable of holding a dam together than me. So today I will cast my burden upon the Lord so He will sustain me, He will sustain Rebecca’s body, He will sustain Nicholas’ disappointment – my unexpected miracle.

Thank you Lord.

We would covet your prayers tomorrow.

Love to each of you,


Cast your burden upon the Lord and He will sustain you; He will never allow the righteous to be shaken,” Psalm 55:22.

Brian picked up food and drove to the hospital entrance while parking with his hazard lights on last weekend so I could have a “date” with my boys in the truck. My favorite moment all week.

17 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Infection

  1. I am continuing to pray for Rebecca and for you. I can’t imagine having to deal with all of this on an everyday basis. I am in awe of the strength both you and Rebecca show me daily. I’m praying God will give you two extra doses of strength and comfort. I’m praying these infections will be healed completely. Rebecca is always on my mind, but I will definitely pray things go well tomorrow. I hope Nicholas has a really good birthday.

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  2. We continue to pray. As I prayed with the girls tonight and was going through requests, Kate (my 10 year old) whispered “Rebecca Taylor.” So your precious girl is continually on my Kate’s heart. We continue to ask for a day where you all can be reunited as a family at home.

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  3. 🙏🙏🙏🙏 “Seek Him & Trust Him to be all you require.” Dr Charles Stanley “Wherever you go He is already there” Ben Higgins May y’all feel the Lord’s loving arms wrapped tightly around you as y’all continue on this journey healing as He guides the medical team to help your precious Rebecca. Nicolas Happy Birthday as you wish for your family to be together again. 🎁🎈

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  4. Dear Christyn,
    LOVE that picture of you and your sons on a date! ♥️ They are precious! Praying for you all this night and of course tomorrow. May Rebecca’s physician’s be guided by the Master Physician’s Hands and find the reason for the excess fluid in Rebecca’s pelvis and correct the issue.
    🙏🏽Praying for God to continue to lift you up, with your head high above the water line!
    🙏🏽Praying for infections to respond quickly to super antibiotics so that Rebecca can start to feel better!
    Please feel the Love and prayers of so many praying for The Taylor Family…always.
    Happy Birthday 🎂 to your almost 16 year old son!🎈
    Sending so much Love and unceasing prayers.🙏🏽🛐

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  5. Praising our Great Lord God for the work and promise He gave us that fills us with hope. Praying for strength and encouragement for Rebecca as they find the source of the leaks. We stand firm believing that God will fortify and strengthen those walls to seal and hold everything in and together. Prayers that Rebecca, today, would begin to hear news of success and that these procedures show promise that these steps forward will outnumber the backward ones. May He provide all that you require from His abundant mercy and grace.

    Happy 16th Birthday Nicholas! You are a blessing! You are remembered and celebrated today with love and admiration for the love you show your family. May this year be a special one for you.

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  6. Christyn,

    We thank God for every step forward and trust Him to continue to provide solutions for each setback and challenge until one day, Rebecca has only forward steps. I’m continuously praying for R and hope that today has only steps forward, rest, healing and recovery.

    Prayers also for you! I can’t imagine how you are surviving but as a mother, I know you do what you must – no questions, no doubt, no stopping… no matter how tired you might be. I pray for your body, heart and mind to get strength from the love, hope, prayers and thousands of virtual hugs coming at you from friends everywhere. What you’ve had to deal with for so long is unimaginable and I can only send prayers, love and hugs your way in the hopes that they help you stay upright and hopeful.

    Happy birthday to your darling Nicholas- 16 is a special age (my oldest grandson Leo turns 16 in a few weeks). I am confident that Nicholas knows how much you love and desperately want to be with him today. He understands and loves you for how well you love each of your children.

    You and Rebecca are in my mind, heart and soul. Prayers continue.

    With love,

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