Post-procedure update

Greetings to all those who love and pray for Rebecca….

Rebecca got out of surgery close to 5PM this evening. They had a late start. Christyn reports that there was no fistula found. The likely cause of all the fluid in the abdomen is from ALL THE EXTRA FLUID she has received in the past days and weeks from blood transfusions, plasmapheresis, IV fluids, etc. All that fluid is transfused in by means of an IV, and eventually it has to go somewhere. The vascular system and the cells can only take so much fluid and then the excess fluid begins to “thirdspace”. The fluid begins moving into the extracellular spaces. This has created all the extra fluid in Rebecca’s abdomen. This actually was the “best” scenario they could have found because it can be corrected through other medical means without surgery. While Rebecca was under anesthesia, they removed the 32 staples that have been in place for a long time. She is healing, however slowly. She has a peritonitis (an inflammation of the lower abdominal cavity) that is what is creating most of her discomfort, but at least the incisional staples were removed while she was “asleep”. That should help Rebecca be a bit more comfortable. During the procedure, the medical team obtained new cultures to see if the infection is improving. Christyn reports that “Rebecca is recovering well” from the procedure today. Hopefully, prayerfully, there will be no more surgical “openings” of Rebecca’s abdomen!!

“Dear Father…we again come to You as a unified body of believers in You, Your Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit..We lift Rebecca to You and ask that You have Your Way in her life this day. May she and her mom sleep this evening and find rest for their bodies and their soul/spirit…”

In the Mighty Name of Jesus we offer our prayers…

-Carol Nelson

6 thoughts on “Post-procedure update

  1. Thank you for the update Carol. You’re an Angel! 😇
    🙏🏽Praying for sweet 🍭dreams😴 for the sweet 🥰Taylor women and the strong 💪🏼Taylor men too !
    Birthday Blessings to Nicholas!🎈Praise the Lord that there was no fistula/ tear found and we pray for the excess fluid to be absorbed and not cause discomfort in Rebecca’s abdomen.
    Thank you Lord for all the medical staff 😷that lovingly care for both Rebecca and Christyn.
    We pray for the antibiotics to do their job!
    Sending Much Love♥️ and Unceasing Prayers!🙏🏽

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  2. In our Bible study group there are some strong prayers warriors praying for Rebecca and the family. May the Lord bless you all and keep you strong in your faith. We pray the lord give the doctors and nurses, treating Rebecca, supernatural wisdom. Amen!

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