16th Birthday Boy!!

Unexpected miracle = Rebecca getting to wheel outside to celebrate Nicholas’ 16th birthday in person!

Rebecca has not seen her brothers in well over a month due to the new, strictly enforced COVID hospital precautions. Although she was struggling to sit up, she was determined to wheel outside and surprise Nicholas. Rebecca has been hospitalized for 6 of Nicholas’ birthdays and we typically plan grand hospital parties. Because this was not a possibility, Rebecca was determined to have a party at the entrance of the hospital.

The boys burst into tears seeing her – well, let’s be honest, we were all in tears.

A HUGE thank you to Yaya and Papa for coming in town to celebrate and so many friends who helped make Nicholas’ day so special. He was showered with love and I am fairly certain it will be a birthday he will never forget.

Thank you Lord.

Love to each of you,

12 thoughts on “16th Birthday Boy!!

  1. WOW!!!!!! ♥️Love those pictures!
    Brought me to tears! 😭
    Thank you Lord for all the family & friends that made Nicholas’ birthday so special!!🎈🎂
    So nice to see Rebecca outside of the hospital and what a beautiful family picture!! Continued prayers for healing and many more unexpected miracles in the days ahead! Sending Much Love & unceasing prayers!🙏♥️
    Have a restful night, feeling God’s Loving presence around the clock!

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