No NEW Problems!!!

Unexpected miracle = No NEW Problem!

Rebecca’s continued bleeding is caused from her original post-operative hemorrhage and her leaking anastomoses site (the place where her intestines were stitched together) that has not fully healed. Rebecca is slow to heal with her compromised immune system and constant regimen of steroids.

This massive post-op hemorrhage caused clotting that formed all throughout Rebecca’s lower intestines. All movement since Rebecca’s colectomy surgery last month, has caused these clots to dislodge and pass. Although this might not sound good because she still has clots left in her intestines- it is actually great news! This means there are no NEW problems (like ulcers or colitis) with Rebecca’s intestines and merely old problems that have yet to be resolved.

This was the best news we could have hoped for under the circumstances and we are celebrating. I laughed with a friend and said, you know things are bad when you celebrate an intestine filled with blood clots…..but celebrate we will!

Thank you for your prayers and thank you Lord.

Below is a picture of Brian who hides in a random corner of the elevator to make Rebecca smile before and after EVERY Operating Room transport – which means approximately a thousand times….

Rebecca decided this time, we needed a picture. Dad’s that make their daughter’s laugh to forget their pain are worth far more than gold.

Love to each of you,

12 thoughts on “No NEW Problems!!!

  1. Thank you Jesus!🙏🪅🎊
    LOVE that picture of Brian!!
    Made me LAUGH AND CRY at the same time!!!🤣😭
    Praying for continued healing @ whatever pace Rebecca’s body wants to take. Just healing Lord…your timing!
    And grant her comfort while her body is healing!
    Continued prayers sweet family!
    Sending Much Love & unceasing prayers! May you continue to feel God’s Love surrounding you all 24/7! 🙏♥️

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