We are home!!! Hallelujah WE ARE HOME!!!

Brian came to rescue us from the hospital in the middle of the storm last week after my friend Dr. Dina Tom moved heaven and earth to make sure Rebecca could get home as safely as possible (especially considering it was earlier than projected).

Dina was in her residency program just as Rebecca entered the hospital almost 11 years ago and has worked diligently and fervently on Rebecca’s care ever since. This woman has seen us through our worst and best moments – all the way from doing rounds with me in a hospital towel because there was no time to get changed in Rebecca’s critical condition, to celebrating in formals at Rebecca’s Wish Gala. Dina has lived through our highs and lows right alongside us.

Dr. Tom is compassionate, kind, intelligent and never stops pursuing what is right for her patients. But most importantly, Dina is all-heart. We love our Dr. Tom and were blessed the day she entered our lives.

Below is a picture of a victorious Dr. Tom after preforming an unexpected miracle by driving to the hospital on icy roads just to pull Rebecca’s central line and get Rebecca the medications she needed after insurance/pharmacy messed up the orders appropriately 501 times….

Thank you Lord for the Dina Tom’s of the world.

Love to each of you,

11 thoughts on “Home!!!

  1. I truly needed to read this today, THANK YOU LORD!!!
    Our God is so good to all! I guess when you let go of the worries, stay faithful in prayer, God can control the movement of the mountains.
    The love of a family is the healing prescription for all:)
    Rebecca is the epitome of a true woman who never stops walking and believing in the power of her God.
    Her journey may be long but the rainbow is in sight.
    Prayers, love and hugs.

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  2. O my goodness! Been thinking of and praying for you guys! Soooo happy 💃🏼for y’all, at home as a FAMILY!!! Beautiful picture of Dr. Dina and Rebecca!!👩🏻‍⚕️👩🏻
    Thank you Jesus for all the dedicated, compassionate and loving medical staff that have faithfully Loved on you all during the highs and lows of life!
    Thank you for the update! Enjoy being home!
    Sending much Love ♥️and continued prayers!!🙏🏽

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