The Frozen Week

Sorry for the delay in updates – we are busy managing life outside of the hospital and the physical, emotional and mental challenges that come with this move.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, we will check back into the hospital for what should be a short procedure to stretch out Rebecca’s surgical anastomosis. Rebecca still has blood backing up in her intestines so it is necessary to dilate her strictured surgical site for relief at intestinal pressure. If all goes well, we hope to go home for another reprieve before returning to the hospital for a longer stay on March 15 to finish treatments we delayed by coming home early.

Prayers for Rebecca’s procedure are greatly appreciated.

One of the first questions people ask me is how our house fared in the snow storms when we first returned home. We were without power for 1 day and without water for 5. No, we were not prepared – our focus was solely on Rebecca’s hospital discharge.

The boys continually shoveled snow into our bathtubs all week while we then heated the snow up in buckets by the fire. We lit stoves with matches, got creative with meals in a pantry I haven’t purchased food in for 7 months. We walked around with candles while bundled with blankets (which is a good thing we were covered in layers because we could not take showers for 6 days!). Pharmacy could not deliver imperative meds all week which sent me scavenging through our home supplies, piecing medications together and praying the combinations worked. Food was interesting, heat was sub-par, water was non-existent and medical management was a tad dangerous, but I cherished EVERY moment. My soul was content to be home in any state – who cares that we could not flush a toilet.

School and work were impossible so our days were spent huddled by the fire together. And my heart sang with praise as I watched the kids together in the same room while simultaneously staring at the beauty God blanketed around us. And oh, what beauty.

It was hard for me to hear the onslaught of complaints coming from people across the state who survived. I wanted to say:

“Hold on, when this freeze is over you will go back to your normal lives with a hope-chest full of memories.”

Because, if you survived, you have hope. Your house may be in shambles but there is always a promise to rebuild. If we are alive, there is always hope to rebuild – a broken home, a broken relationship, a broken body, a broken spirit….

I will take home with my family in the middle of a blizzard without power and water any day of the year as long as we are together.

Thank you Lord for the unexpected miracle of a freeze.

Love to each of you,


7 thoughts on “The Frozen Week

  1. It must feel so good for the family to have Rebecca home and for her not to be confined to a hospital room. I am sure that Rebecca is cherishing the moments at home and living life as close as realistic as possible. We are still praying for her and the family. May GOD grant you all peace, comfort, and hope. Continue to stay strong in faith.

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  2. Praising the Lord for y’all’s special time at home!!! 🙏
    Also praying for Rebecca’s procedure tomorrow, that all will go well and recovery will be swift!!!
    Thank you for the beautiful pictures!!!
    Everyone looks great!!!
    Praying for you all always!!!

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  3. Once again you remind me to be thankful for what I had been taking for granted.
    Thank you for your encouraging words.
    God bless you and your precious family.
    You are all in my prayers.
    Kay Wogstad

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