Focusing on laughter….

Sometimes things don’t go the way we anticipate. Wednesday was one of those days.

To be honest, I delayed updating Rebecca’s status because my mind refused to fully process another problem.

What “should” have been a short, fairly simple procedure dilating Rebecca’s anastomosis site, ended up a full-day event in the OR. In the span of a mere 3 weeks, Rebecca’s open surgical connection completely scarred down. Dr. Patel spent HOURS trying everything he could, even going in through Rebecca’s stoma site to break through the scar tissue. Finally, at the risk of puncturing through Rebecca’s small intestines, Patel was forced to end the procedure.

Obviously, we are all greatly disappointed at this unexpected complication – especially Dr. Patel. We also discovered during the procedure that Rebecca DOES have a post-surgery fistula (a hole between her small intestines that leads into her bladder).

Because of these serious complications, Rebecca’s surgical team is regrouping to form another plan.

Although these are critical problems, the fistula/blockage are in the portion of Rebecca’s intestines that are cut off from food so we have time to come up with a strong plan as opposed to rushing into a last-minute major surgery.

This week is Spring Break and most of Rebecca’s doctors are out of town so we are preparing for a procedure the week of March 15 which will include 3 surgical teams working on Rebecca at the same time.

In the meantime, the Taylor family is concentrating on spending family time out of the hospital while the boys are off school. We plan to laugh often and live fully – our unexpected miracle. We will deal with all of our medical complications soon enough.

Thank you for your love and prayers.
Love to each of you,

The sweet boys gave Rebecca flowers coming home from the hospital.

4 thoughts on “Focusing on laughter….

  1. Sending lots of love and prayers. Have a wonderful time together as a family let the sound of laughter echo thru your home while Heaven smiles on each one of you and angels surround your home# Heaven come down 🙏

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  2. I LOVE your remedy for the time being…laughing 🤣and living 💃🏼🕺🏼life fully!!! Both are so important to our health!! Both our physical health and our mental health!! Prayers 🙏🏽 are already being lifted up for Rebecca’s upcoming procedure the week of March 15th. Praying for all 3 medical teams!
    LOVE that sweet picture! 🥰Thank you for sending and for the update! ENJOY your time together at home!!!
    Much Love and unceasing prayers!

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  3. Praying that these complications are completely overcome , that all surgeries go perfectly, and that Rebecca is totally healed and whole. Praying she excels at Harvard!

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