Back to our second home…

Well, we are back in the hospital for the week with numerous planned procedures. Today, Rebecca underwent anesthesia to get her central lines placed. Tomorrow she will start the first of 3 plasmapheresis procedures to help abate her over-reactive neurological system. Each plasmapheresis treatment will have a one day break in between. Rebecca will also receive much-needed iron infusions.

This week we will also finally address Rebecca’s fistula. As a post-operative complication, Rebecca developed a tear/hole through her small intestines leading into her bladder. Because her fistula is in a part of the small intestines that is temporarily cut-off from her digestive system, we have time to make a strong surgical plan. Rebecca will have 2 different CT scans and numerous urology and colorectal surgery consults this week. Please pray for wisdom for all teams involved.

Rebecca was already informed by one consult that she will need another potentially significant portion of her intestines removed to fix this problem. I can tell right now you we almost passed out at the news.

No exaggeration.

I was seeing stars and desperately trying my best not to hit the floor while this doctor was talking. Rebecca straight up told the doctor she had no more intestines left to loose so surely they could find a different solution. We are obviously FERVENTLY praying this specialist is wrong. I mean, I would like my child not to be in the Guinness book of World Records for the shortest surviving intestinal track. We are fairly certain Rebecca already qualifies for survival with the most missing organs….obviously not a record anyone aspires to win.

We know the fistula is a serious problem but we are praying for the least invasive future surgery as possible (and by future we hope months away, not days). We humbly ask for prayers from you as well.

Love to each of you,

This is a picture of the kids celebrating my birthday night outside. Our first time to eat out together as a family in well over a year! Brian is taking the picture of course!

6 thoughts on “Back to our second home…

  1. Dear Christyn…
    LOVE the BEAUTIFUL picture!!! ♥️ Happy Belated Birthday!🎂
    Praying for all that is going on with Rebecca. Praying that the plasmapheresis over the next few days will go well. Praying for wisdom for the surgical teams, for the specialists that will be consulting over the fistula and deciding what is the least invasive action to take care of this issue. Praying for a way to take care of fistula w/o having to remove any more of her precious intestines.
    May God continue to be with Rebecca, you, all the family and all the medical staff during this time as important decisions are made. Praying for supernatural strength for all!
    Sending much Love♥️ and unceasing prayers.🙏🏽

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