Blockage Update

I apologize for the delayed update. Yesterday was consumed with the typical chaotic operating-room drama filled with anesthesia consults, pre-op and post-ops. Here is our current status:

Great news –

As you know – Rebecca has multiple, serious post-surgical complications we are concurrently working on. Her top three right now are:

– Intestinal/bladder fistula

– Scarred down rectal anastomosis site

– Intestinal blockage in the upper portion of the small intestines

While we are awaiting results from 2 MRIs on Rebecca’s blockage, Rebecca’s doctors wanted to capitalize on her NPO status and replace her current stent (from her March procedure) in her anastomosis site. The doctors planned to slowly increase Rebecca’s stricture (where her small intestines and rectum were joined last January) by replacing progressively larger stents every few weeks over the next few months. When the doctors went in to replace Rebecca’s existing stent yesterday, her current stent had already fallen out of place and her anastomosis site was completely open. In fact, it was so wide open, the space is now considered a normal size and there was no need to place another stent. Her stricture is considered officially healed! What we thought would be up to 6 plus surgical procedures to fix, we finished in only 3.

Our unexpected miracle – Hallelujah!!!

Thank you Lord.

Not-So-Great News

We are still struggling with Rebecca’s blockage and nutrition is VERY difficult to sustain. We are loading Rebecca with all the IV fluids, electrolytes, potassium and magnesium we can give her but drinking liquids still creates intense waves of pain and backs-up in her intestines. TPN nutrition is currently not an option due to the state of her liver. We should receive the results of her 2 MRIs later today but in truth, MRIs are notoriously bad for giving specific details of the intestines. We are most likely dealing with one of three problems: herniated intestines, scarring from her abdominal cavity wrapped to the intestines, or a paralytic ileus that is taking extra time to heal. In the meantime, we are hitting multiple approaches – prokinetic drugs that will not affect her liver, contrast drinks known to promote movement, and even purposely throwing Rebecca’s body into narcotic withdrawals to stimulate her intestines. Anyone want to live in a hospital room with a teenager going through serious drug withdrawals??? It is SUPER fun I (almost) promise….


Regardless of her current situation – we still have hope and are fervently praying for healing without surgery.

To distract ourselves, we are focusing on how we want to celebrate Rebecca’s last few weeks of her senior year. We have big plans. She has missed almost half of her junior year and her entire senior year. The emotional isolation of living in a hospital during COVID has taken its toll and we want to remedy that by making beautiful memories with her friends at the very end of her monumental year.

I am constantly pacing our hospital room praying:

“Lord, please heal Rebecca without surgery. Please Lord. Please let her enjoy a few weeks of her senior year with her friends. Please Lord give her a small break to heal her body, heal her emotions, heal her spirit. Let our family have time together, Lord. Please.”

I pray the Lord will honor my pleas, but even if He doesn’t, I know He is here – carrying us through this difficult journey….

Love to each of you,


One of our pre-COVID, pre-procedure pictures (therefore no masks!). I sure do love this warrior girl of mine.

21 thoughts on “Blockage Update

  1. Just gorgeous! My Middle School classes at St Patrick Catholic School in Lufkin, Texas pray for you all every day in our morning prayers! God bless you all!

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  2. I am praying for all these problems to have a good outcome very soon 🙏🏼 Also, praying that Rebecca gets to celebrate with her friends and absolutely “awesome” family🙏🏼🙏🏼

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  3. Praise God! We continue to claim Psalms 103:3. You all continue to amaze me with your faith, trust, and joy. Becky and Don have been friends of the family for many years. They are always smiling and trusting. I consider it a blessing to pray for your beautiful daughter.

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  4. You don’t know us, but we keep up with Rebecca’s life via Mrs. Franscell (we’re a Brandeis family). Our family prays for your family in our home and keep you on the prayer rolls at our church. I think your prayer circle reaches far and wide! We are all behind you and pray that Rebecca finds definitive peace in her college decision making and also that her health can find a resting place to enjoy the end of senior year. Thank you for being such a good example of moving forward even when it’s hard!

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  5. Lord, thank you that you are sending healing to Rebecca without surgery. Lord, thank you for seeing that Rebecca will enjoy a few weeks of her senior year with her friends. Thank you Lord that you are sending her time for her body, her emotions, and her spirit to heal.
    Thank you, Jesus that the
    Taylor family be together. Hallelujah! Amen and amen.

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  6. Dear Christyn,
    Praising God for the unexpected miracle of the healed stricture…God’s timing, not man’s!
    May God continue to heal Rebecca’s body so that she can enjoy sweet time with precious friends that have been a big part of her journey thus far. Asking God to make a way where there may seem to be no way and to do what He is famous for. Lord…We ask, we beg for supernatural healing for Rebecca’s body. Please hear her Mama Warrior’s pleas: to give them time together at home as a family, to allow Rebecca’s health to improve so that her mind, spirit, body, heart and soul can all be healed. You Lord are The Mighty Physician that can do anything, please grant the Taylor Family peace and comfort, knowing that You Dear God are always with them. May they never feel alone and always remember that many, many, many people are earnestly pleading to You on their behalf.
    Be with all the medical personnel that are YOUR hands and feet here on earth.
    We ask these things in Your Most Precious and Holy Name…Amen 🙏🏽❤️✟

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  7. Have you considered spirulina for nutrition? It is the richest food on the planet, higher in protein than beef, fish, chicken or eggs and easily digested and has many healing properties. It is a complete protein and nutritious food source. I lived on spirulina and juice for 100 days.

    With Unshakable Hope,


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