Another Senior Surgery

Rebecca’s intestines are not healing.

Despite our conglomerate pleas across the nation – we need surgery.

I have waited to write these words because our family has grieved them with many tears. After begging the hospital team to release us on a trial basis – we are home for the week while her 3 surgeons make plans to open Rebecca’s abdomen back up on Tuesday. We are cramming everything possible into this week – AP tests, senior pictures (thank you Dina Selva!), a church senior banquet on Friday and a Symphony Belle presentation on Saturday. Then, we will head back to the hospital for another major surgery to fix her hernia and/or scar tissue of the small intestines, re-work her stoma and heal her fistula. More ICU time, more sedation drips, more increased pain factor from a sliced-through abdomen, more isolation from the family, more – well more of all hospital madness.

This surgery is hard for me to accept because Rebecca looks so GOOD! She is not doubled over in pain unless she eats. So, she can’t eat. And even liquids create tremendous pain when passing through the damaged portion of her intestines. So, she barely drinks. Unfortunately, TPN feeding is not an option because her liver is still inflamed. Therefore, Rebecca has lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks. This cycle will continue until we operate on her intestines, so waiting until after graduation is not an option. The surgery must commence.

I look at Rebecca laughing and smiling and keep telling myself:

“Surely we can wait??? Surely, we don’t have to make this happy, joyful child go back to a comatose state with her abdomen wide open? Surely, we can delay until after her friend’s COVID-friendly prom and after her Top 10 graduate banquet and after all the other graduation events Rebecca excitedly planned all year from the hospital bed? Surely Lord, this surgery does not have to be now…”

But surely it does. And I am not ready for this – none of us are.

We are sad. All of us. Painfully sad.

But we will celebrate this week with full-power. And laugh and cry and love and build senior memories together. And those memories will be our unexpected miracle.

Thank you Lord for holding us up in our sadness.

Love to each of you,

This is a picture of Rebecca’s senior display at church my friend Amy Stephens set up 2 weeks ago. We have not been able to see it in person but are thankful for the incredible memories Oak Hills Church has given our family since Rebecca was 2 weeks old!

18 thoughts on “Another Senior Surgery

  1. I see another miracle! She will be in San Antonio where her family is and all her fiends and major support is! God is up to something really good! Get ready. I am paying🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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    1. Yeaaaaay!! Talk about miracles – Harvard AND A&M — Thank you dear Father in Heaven!! You GO GIRL!!
      As always, much love coming your way, every day and night time too. Gene (genegif)

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  2. I am so sorry. I kept stopping and praying for you all as I read it. And will continue to do so.

    Thank you for being open and allowing us to pray with you.

    Your faith and your family is exquisite, reflecting Jesus.

    Love & Peace,


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  3. Our hearts hurt for Rebecca. We hurt for all those moments and memories she’ll never experience. We know Our God is in charge and He loves Rebecca far more than than any earthly love can be given. Our prayers are with you, Rebecca and our God is with you.

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  5. I pray you have been making memories and treasuring your time celebrating Rebecca’s graduation. I am so very sorry that she has to have surgery now. Praying it goes amazingly well and surprises everyone. Praying fervently XOXO

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  6. Steve and Diane have expressed so well my feelings. There is so much thoughtful caring, praying and love surrounding Rebecca and her family. The unwavering strength of your faith inspires all of us
    dear Christyn. Thank you for sharing your journey with us, and allowing us to add our prayers and love
    to yours. God Bless!! Gene

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  7. Dear Christyn,
    I am so sorry that Rebecca was not able to experience all the senior activities that had been planned. I am overjoyed however, that she was able to go home for a few days and do a few things to celebrate her senior year of high school. Praying for Rebecca’s upcoming surgery. Praying, knowing that her surgeons master plan for the surgery was truly orchestrated by none other than our Heavenly Divine Physician Himself! Praying that all of the concerns listed: hernia repair, any scar tissue that may be causing issues, stoma repair, and any other possible findings while they are “in there”, that all these be taken care of and that she have a supernaturally quick and uneventful recovery! Also praying that the hospital madness be kept to an all-time low!!! 🙏🏽 And may all the sadness that Rebecca and your family experienced with the news of the timing of this surgery be soon replaced with OVERFLOWING JOY at all that was accomplished during this surgery!❤️ Our OHC Community Group, led by Eddie & Lety Pina, prayed fervently for Rebecca this past Thursday at our meeting. And my Moms in Prayer group also continues to lift up Rebecca and your family…sooo many prayer warriors storming Heaven on Rebecca’s behalf!!!
    Sending much Love and unceasing prayers!!!
    (P.S. Rebecca’s Senior Display is beautiful! 🎓)

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    1. Wow! Thank you. Your prayers move me – what a faithful warrior you are on behalf of our family. Love to you


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