Post-op Update

Greetings to all those who love and pray for Rebecca…..

Just got the update from Christyn! Rebecca is out of surgery. She was transferred straight to ICU. She will be recovered in ICU. Considering this was another huge surgery, Christyn reports the surgery went “wonderfully well”.

As you know, there were several goals in this latest surgery:

1) The medical team was able to separate her intestines from her bladder so that the fistula area is now clear…HALLELUJAH!!!

2) Rebecca had a tremendous amount of scar tissue that had hooked around multiple sections of her intestines which was causing the full and partial blockages. The doctor described her intestines “like a roller coaster with extreme ups and downs”. The scar tissue was removed and an amniotic solution was used to coat the intestines to hopefully help prevent future scarring. The team was very concerned how quickly Rebecca had scarred down after only 4 months from her last major surgery. Brian and Christyn are asking for PRAYERS THAT THIS AMNIOTIC SOLUTION WILL HELP PREVENT FUTURE ADHESIONS.

3) The stoma (ileostomy) that Rebecca has had for several months was reattached and closed. HALLELUJAH!!!

4) Rebecca is on a sedation IV drip for the next few days to help her tolerate the postop pain. Christyn reports Rebecca wakes up for brief moments screaming and then goes back to sleep.

So, this is a road sadly well traveled for Rebecca and Christyn (and the males in the family). The next few days will be about pain management, prevention of infection, and trouble-shooting the moment by moment changes that can occur after big surgeries (for anyone, but especially Rebecca).

“So dear Father…we come to You again as a body of believers. You are the Healer. You are the Comforter. You are Sovereign God. You are the Source of all good things. We ask that You bring Goodness to Rebecca and shower her with what ONLY You can give….Healing…Comfort….Goodness…after all, Father, that is Who You are…we ask You to reign over her and in her with Your Presence…all of these things…bring them to Rebecca. We ask for Your Protection against scarring in her intestines….for Your Protection against infection….and for Your Protection against any other adverse potential problem…..bring the Shield of Your Faithfulness to cover Rebecca….hear our individual prayers dear Father…we love You and thank You for what You have done, are doing and will do for Rebecca.”

In the Mighty Name of Jesus we offer our prayers to You….

-Carol Nelson

4 thoughts on “Post-op Update

  1. Thank you for that update!!! AND THANK YOU JESUS for all the “good works” 😀 the surgeons were able to do during this major surgery! 🙏
    Thank you Lord that you made a way where there seemed to be no way… which is YOUR Specialty! Thank you that Rebecca is receiving great care and humbly asking that YOU help her, the medical staff and Christyn and all the Taylor Family! Asking for all these things in your Precious and Holy Name!!!🙏

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