Post-op update 2

Greetings to those loving and praying over Rebecca….

Christyn sent an update around 5:45PM. She reports Rebecca as “stable”. They are still in ICU and on the sedation IV drips. So far, her pain is better controlled. Hallelujah!!! As of now, she has not encountered any major postop complications.

Rebecca continues having issues with her liver which is “incredibly inflamed”. The TPN (total peripheral nutrition) requires the liver to help Rebecca “digest” the feedings that are provided by TPN. Because her liver is so inflamed, they cannot give Rebecca TPN feedings currently. The medical team wants to use PPN (peripheral parenteral nutrition–which is intended for short term use to “feed” the patient). Rebecca’s central IV line has moved and is not in the correct place, so tomorrow, Rebecca will go back under anesthesia to replace the central IV line. Rebecca then will be able to begin receiving the PPN infusions while they are working on how to improve liver function so that TPN can be administered.

Brian and Christyn are rejoicing that there are no major complications. Thank You Jesus!!

“Dear Father…we are grateful that the first 24hrs postop have been relatively smooth. We thank You that Rebecca’s pain has been managed, for the most part, successfully. We ask for continued rest and healing over her. We ask for a solution to the problem of Rebecca’s inflamed liver. Give the medical team wisdom as they search for answers to how best to treat Rebecca. We thank You for Your continued Faithfulness to ALL of us every day and every minute. We can trust You….You know EVERYTHING…”

In the Mighty Name of Jesus we offer our prayers…

-Carol Nelson

2 thoughts on “Post-op update 2

  1. Thank you for the update!!!
    And thank you Jesus that there are no major post-op complications! 🙏
    Praying for successful placement central line placement tomorrow!!!
    And that there will be supernatural decrease in Rebecca’s liver inflammation!!!
    Sending much Love & unceasing prayers!!🙏♥️

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  2. Praise God. Continued prayers for Rebecca & the rest of the family. From experience sometimes it is harder on the families then the patients who can get relief & sleep from medications. Being a chronic pain sufferer know harder on my husband who feels helpless as he can’t make things better other then by prayer. As well as guidance for the medical teams working with y’all to find the best possible options with God’s guidance in coming up with new ideas. God has done amazing things through Rebecca & your family and continues to have great plans for y’all. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🤗🤗🤗🤗💖💖💖💖

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