Top Ten Ceremony

Rebecca’s Top Ten Graduate Celebration this week was filled with full pomp and circumstance. Brandeis High School had a pep rally for the top ten academic students that included their cheerleading squad and marching band. Balloon archways decorated the room where the families enjoyed a brunch and video presentation of their children.

We experienced this ceremony via Zoom from the hospital bed.

Every time I see the picture of the honorees plus Rebecca smiling through the iPad, I tear up.

I tear up thinking of Rebecca’s high school career – squeezing in the majority of her studies strapped to a hospital bed on narcotic drips, in between surgeries and scans. Her academic journey has been incalculably more arduous than the typical “Top 10” graduate.

And then I am overcome by overflowing gratefulness. Because, despite everything she has been through, Rebecca gets to experience this incredible victory. Even if it is from the untraditional view of a computer screen. Our unexpected miracle.

Thank you Lord.

Love to each of you,

4 thoughts on “Top Ten Ceremony

  1. Praise God, and may He have all the glory, for such an awesome victory on Rebecca’s behalf, and according to His perfect plan for her precious life!

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