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Once upon a time, my handsome and successful husband, my beautiful daughter, and my two precious sons were excited about moving into our new home in a coveted neighborhood within an exemplary school district.  I was pregnant with our fourth child – a much-desired baby girl and we were looking forward to welcoming her into our family.  Our family had a stockpile of savings, a church full of friends, and detailed plans for a secure future.  We were healthy, happy, financially well-off, and living the American dream.

We were ‘blessed’…..

But that dream came to a crashing halt on Memorial Day weekend of 2010.  Our seven-year-old daughter, Rebecca, was hospitalized for the first days of what would become years of hospitalizations.  She had an unknown form of chronic pancreatitis caused from an unknown immunologic condition that prompted us to frantically travel from state to state in search of an unknown cure.  After 22 pancreatic surgeries and 30 separate anesthetic procedures, I became a full-time hospital mom to my daughter, an absentee mom to my two sons, and a part-time wife to my husband.  And as we were fighting to save Rebecca’s life, our baby girl Annabelle died, shaking the foundation of my faith to the core.  

The next few years were agonizing watching Rebecca suffer from an excruciatingly painful disease while my boys suffered from instability and fear.  We were faced with the loss of my husband’s job, a perpetual war with health insurance companies, and an uprooting move to Minnesota in order for Rebecca to receive a life-necessitating experimental transplant.  All the while standing helpless as our savings and assets drained into the deep abyss of medical bills.

We were no longer healthy, we were no longer happy, and no longer financially secure.  

We were no longer ‘blessed’….

Or were we?

Was there a way for me to re-focus my mind toward God’s blessings as opposed to the earthly blessings I desired and craved?

This became the pivotal moment in my faith and the start of my written journey with God.  The words I penned while living in the hospital re-shaped my view on this often misunderstood Lord:

Throughout the past few years, I have changed my perspective on miracles. So many times we falsely view God’s work of wonders as a forever blessing.  And yet, any physical marvel on this earth is temporary.  

This may sound sacrilegious to some…… as far as I am aware though, Lazarus is not still alive.  Jesus raised Him from the dead – a proven miracle – and yet eventually Jesus allowed him to die.  His miraculous healing on this earth was temporal, yet still a miracle.  And the reason for his healing was, “for God’s glory so that God’s Son may be glorified through it (John 11:4).”  

God granted Hezekiah an extra fifteen years of life and yet, once again, his healing was short-lived.  

I heard of a person with cancer who prayed his disease be cured from his body.  And it was…..only it returned a decade later.  This individual felt God had not answered his prayer because a true miracle would never allow cancer to return again.  

Yet, what if the miracle was in the ten years of remission? What if God knew that facing death would result in a life filled with more meaningful zest in ten short years than forty years of perfect health could ever produce?   

We somehow get into a trap of feeling this earth is our home.  That God intended for us to live healthy, wealthy, easy lives while we exist in this sin-ridden world.  And yet, the examples of God’s most faithful lived anything but a life of ease.  In fact, it was by their sufferings that the Lord was truly revealed.  

Job gives hope to all enduring the unthinkable.  The story of Joseph gives strength to those victimized and wrongly accused.  Moses allows us to persevere for future blessings we may never realize and the disciples exemplify an unmatched passion for Christ straight to their violent, unjustified deaths.        

Instead of waiting (years in Rebecca’s case) for a miracle to cure every portion of her damaged body, I am learning to accept the daily and sometimes hourly miracles that God bestows in our lives.

Rebecca’s past state of pancreatic remission for “only” a year and a half becomes a treasure chest of beautiful memories.  Our family living together under the same roof for an extended period of time becomes a cherished act of Providence.  Achieving five hours of interrupted sleep as opposed to a total of one is viewed as a blessing.  

And in the midst of a severe pain attack when Rebecca smiles and says she loves me – now that becomes a true miracle.

Perspective is key to every situation.  C.S. Lewis once said, “Aim at heaven and you will get earth thrown in.  Aim at earth and you get neither.”  

When my future and the future of my family are permanently focused on heaven, then the abominations this earth has to offer becomes a side note – barely an honorable mention in the scheme of things.  

That is not to diminish the trials we endure.  If I had a thousand adjectives, it would never begin to describe the intensity of hearing your child moan, scream, and writhe in unrelenting pain on a minutely, hourly, daily, and weekly basis – the nauseous exhaustion, the unanswered questions….  This seemingly never-ending cycle leads straight to insanity or straight to God.  

I choose God.  

Although by worldly standards I am irreparably scarred emotionally, and my child physically – it is only passing.  This earth is not our home and it was never meant to be.  The more I grasp that concept, the more freeing my situation becomes.  My life is no longer on hold for a fleeting miracle that may or may not manifest.   

So as I fervently pray for the miraculous healing of my daughter’s broken body on this earth, and watch for the “smaller” unexpected daily miracles our Lord bestows, I will choose to focus on the one permanent promise –

“For Our God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, so that whoever (Me, My Rebecca, My sons, My Brian, Anyone) believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life (John 3:16).”  

That is our everlasting miracle – one that surpasses all.  

And so began my search for the ‘unexpected miracles’ in life.  By recognizing these miracles, it allowed me to experience the transformation of our pile of ashes into a beautiful story only a remarkable God could be capable of authoring.

Thank you for reading and becoming a beautiful part of our story as well.  

Love to each and every one of you,

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Christyn Taylor is a Bible study teacher at Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas.  The Taylor family has had to overcome many obstacles over the last several years and Christyn has not shied away from sharing what the Lord is doing in her family’s life through this journey.

Christyn’s writings are published in various blogs and books, including Max Lucado’s You’ll Get Through This.  She has written and taught numerous Bible studies from “Triumphs to Tragedies” of women in the Bible, to “Life Lessons on Job,” to a new curriculum entitled “Scandalous Love.”

Christyn is a wife to Brian and a mother to three children: Rebecca, Nicholas and Alexander.  They reside in San Antonio, Texas.

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  1. Your faith & courage make me ashamed of complaining about my problems. When I read your story, it just made me very sad. When I pray for you & your family & I will thank God more earnestly for the blessings which He has so freely given to me. I had pancreatitis about 50 yrs ago after a mission trip to Mexico, so I know how very painful it is. I am an R.N. & could never work with sick children b/c I think it would be very depressing and you being the mother, well that makes it hurt all the more unbearable. God bless you & hold you close & tightly in His loving arms. Blessings

    Liked by 1 person

  2. May what you share in this new forum fall into the hands of everyone who needs comfort and needs to know there is someone who understands what they are going through. You point others to God, not yourself. May The Lord bless you and keep you and give you peace.

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  3. Sure did love reading page Christyn Taylor. Liked wording and took notes!
    God bless You! Peace,think i’d want to die with that stress or drink
    Our Savior is the one to turn too. He must have certainly shown you gift of our Holy Spirit!
    Love you and your family!


  4. Wow. Touched, humbled, and challenged to quit obsessing about what I lost/don’t have and focus on the good instead.

    Christyn, I wrote group medical contract language and worked on top-level teams for Prudential Healthcare and Aetna US Healthcare for years. Please let me know if you need any tips or help on getting the big medical insurance carriers to pre-auth and pay-up, and I apologize on their behalf for the maze of frustrations and headaches I’m sure you have experienced dealing with all those claims.


    1. Greg,
      You might come in handy for the Taylor family one day! Thank you for your kind offer – I will let you know if we need assistance.


  5. Our family has experienced the same consequences when I, the father, became ill several years ago. No longer financially secure, had to move from Colorado to Missouri, millions in medical debt, bankruptcy, and my family no longer has any confidence in me. All that you wrote is so true, but so hard to live daily. I can’t see the other side of this.


    1. Kevin,
      Many times, even now, I can’t see the other side of this madness. That is when I realize I don’t have to see the other side because God does.

      I am so sorry you are enduring such heartache. I am praying for you and your family.



  6. I am sad that your family has faced such trauma and loss and grief. Thank you for your decision to share about these things – both the bad things as well as your holding onto the transformative power of God. When I read about Rebecca’s terrible bouts with severe pain, it reminded me of a youtube story about the horrible pain (head) that a young woman experienced with (mostly undiagnosed) Lyme Disease! Has your daughter been checked for that? Even if she has, and even it was ruled out, please check out some other people’s experiences of that malady being misdiagnosed or not treated long enough. [Here is just one of many, many: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=So2K68r8pOY ; which is about an hour long, and is a very important sharing of what they faced together.] I apologize in advance if there is no merit to wondering about checking out this idea for Rebecca. However, evidently Lyme Disease is serious and sometimes so very insidious! (I also Googled : “Can Lyme Disease affect the pancreas?” Yes, evidently it can affect every tissue and organ in the body.)


  7. Thank you for so honestly sharing your story. Having perspective & being focused on heaven is something I have had to learn over these last few years. The things of this life have become less and less important, and you are so right that “earth is not our home.” I cannot wait to see heaven & where my mom is and am so grateful for all the support you have provided amidst such chaos & struggle in your own life. Rebecca is such a shining example to us all. Looking forward to seeing y’all soon.


  8. I’m thrilled to see you publicly recording your full story, as I know that the essence of true faith in the true God is so clearly manifested in your suffering…and it is powerful to those who witness it.

    Might I suggest for another book: collaborating with your girlfriends on “how to help people who are suffering”? Because I think I still have a ways to go, but I’ve learned a lot, mostly because you’ve been willing to communicate about it. And you’ve already got the list of “What not to say”, so we’re halfway there… 😉

    I’m grateful for your faith that only God could give. I’m thankful for the great mercies and miracles He’s given in the midst of your pain. And I’m filled with gratitude when I think of what a blessing it was to have you to reach out to me as my first friend at that megachurch. I’ve watched God work in your life, and I know He’s just getting started. That’s my miracle. Love you.


  9. How grateful I am that I met you at Bible study and that I have been brought to this page. God’s love shines so brightly in you and reading through your blog has shown me why. We are most profoundly changed and shaped by His love when we choose Him in our darkest moments and when we embrace the life he gives us. May we always view ourselves, each other, and this world with the new eyes that He gives us and recognize the miracle in each moment of each day.



  10. Dear Christyn,

    Thank you for your blog, and for what you allowed Max Lucado to use in his latest book. I am a pastor of a small church in Broomfield Colorado, and am preaching on “Taking our thoughts captive” this Sunday, and I truly believe I need to share some of your story. I cannot imagine the pain and the suffering you and your family have gone through, and yet I am thanking God for all the good that has and is coming from it. Our church is made up a number of older folks who have themselves seen a lot of pain and anxiety, and I believe that your words and example are important for them to hear.

    I promise to pray for you and for your family, that the peace of God will continue to transcend your understanding (and mine), keeping our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

    Thank you again – John Buechner, Presbyterian Church of Broomfield


    1. Thank you for your kind words and your prayers – they mean more than you can imagine. I am thinking of you and your congregation and will continue to keep them in my prayers.


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