Bible Studies


Lesson 1 – Struggling to Forgive Others


Lesson 2 – Struggling to Forgive God


Lesson 3 – Struggling to Forgive Ourselves


Lesson 4 – Struggling to Forgive Betrayal


Lesson 5 – When Forgiveness Gives Us a Second Chance


Lesson 6 – When Forgiveness Saves Lives

DGV Header

Intro – Christyn Taylor

Lesson 1 – Christyn Taylor

Lesson 2 – Christyn Taylor

Lesson 3 – Guest speaker Tisha Lunsford


Scandalous Love


Lesson 1 – The Inferior

Lesson 2 – The Promiscuous

Lesson 3 – The Prostitute

Lesson 4 – The Traitor

Lesson 5 – The Untouchable

Lesson 6 – The Outcast

Lesson 7 – The Racist

Lesson 8 – The Thief

Lesson 9 – The Adulterer

Lesson 10 – The Murderer

7 thoughts on “Bible Studies

  1. I am part of the Wednesday night bible study and unfortunately had to miss weeks 6 & 7- are you going to post those recordings? I’d love to hear what I missed…as this is my treasure of each week. Thank you!


    1. Hi,
      This is Christina, administrator of the blog. I’m trying to get the audio posted, but running into some technical issues. You might check back tomorrow morning. Thanks for checking!!


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